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What is Electrodermal Screening?


Electrodermal Screening or EDS:
     • Is a process whereby electrical energy circulating through the body is measured.
     • Detects the energetic signature of toxins, allergies, emotional patterns, organ "weakness", and energy imbalances in the body.

What are the benefits?


     • Restore Cellular Communication
     • Detoxify and Nourish your Cells
     • Improve Nutrient Intake
     • Balance Hormones, Blood Sugar and Metabolism
     • Balance PH levels


Who should consider Electrodermal Screening?


If you are suffering from any of the following:
     • Fatigue, anxiety, depression
     • Hormonal imbalances
     • Food, environmental or seasonal allergies
     • Poor digestion
     • Arthritis and joint pains



EDS Screens for potential natural remedies and therapies which will help restore the body's balance. To schedule an Electrodermal Screening, call the Natural Health Care Centre.