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1. Stress Healthy:

The 12 Step Program to Stress Less

Is stress taking a toll on your health?  You can take charge and reduce the amount of harmful stress in your life.  Learn how! Click here for details.

2. The Alkaline Diet 

You can regain optimum health by eating foods rich in alkaline.  Click here to learn more.


3. Checking Your PH 

What does PH have to do with your health?  Click here to find out!


4. The Basic Exercises
These 10 basic exercises are designed to tone up and strengthen your entire body in the shortest amount of time.  They are simple to do and definitely worth the effort!  Click here for details!


5. The Basic Stretches
There are 19 basic stretches designed for the entire body.  Click here for details.




1. Cleopatra’s Secret


Repair and protect skin that suffers from sun damage and eczema, or is dry and flaking, with Cleopatra’s Secret – a revitalizing face and body cream that works deep beneath the skin to bring out its natural radiance and healthy glow.


Prevent premature aging by stimulating the growth of new skin cells, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, making way for firm, younger-looking skin.


Cleopatra’s Secret contains active natural ingredients that include virtually every vitamin, mineral and trace element needed for healthy vibrant-looking skin.  This anti-wrinkle cream is best known for its honey content – the fountain of youth that Cleopatra herself raved about!


2. Ear Oil

Soothe irritation, itching and hardened earwax with a synergistic formula of lavender, St. John’s Wort, mullein, garlic and Vitamin E.


3. Wild Yam Cream

In 1929, doctors discovered that the small yellowish body found on the surface of the ovaries secretes a hormonal substance essential for the continuation of pregnancy.  The hormone was isolated and later named progesterone, meaning necessary for the successful promotion of gestation.  It was later discovered that the placenta makes large amounts of progesterone throughout pregnancy, and doctors in the 1930s developed a three-step chemical procedure to convert a component of wild yam into natural progesterone.


The natural progesterone found in wild yam cream can be helpful for menopause, PMS and endometriosis, among other problems.  It acts as a natural diuretic and antidepressant; stimulates bone building and can protect against both breast and uterine cancer.    




Massage ½ tsp twice daily on soft areas of skin (arms, breast, thigh, face).  You should alternate between areas daily using a 4 day rotation schedule.  Begin on the 7th day after the onset of menstrual flow and continue for 21 days.  Discontinue use from day 29 to the 7th day of your next cycle.  Repeat.  Results may be experienced by the second month.



4. Bath Salts

Ease your aches and strains with soothing bath crystals with therapeutic Emu Oil and Lavender.  The therapeutic qualities of emu oil, combined with the calming scent of lavender will have a relaxing effect after a long day.


Add 5 -6 tbsp to running bath water and enjoy!