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Checking Your pH


Acid vs. Alkaline

What does pH have to do with my health?

We lead very stressful lives.  Face it, life is hectic.  Often we have stress over things that happen to us as well as having stress from our diets.  pH testing gives your health care provider valuable information as to the cause of your symptoms.  He/she may even have you eat a certain way for a day or two and then have you check your pH.  Identifying the cause is the first step to long-term health.

Here's how you do it:


Using a pH test kit, check the pH of your first morning urine and record it for three days in a row.  The results reflect your body's ability to process your daily protein intake.  This is possibly the single most important test you can do to check overall potential for health.

Day 1_________________________________ Day 2_______________________________ Day 3 __________________________________   

With a pH test kit, check the pH of your saliva.  Push some saliva forward in your mouth with your tongue and dip the test strip directly into the fluid.  Record the results.  Place a Chew-C-Berry tablet in your mouth, without chewing the tablet, until it tastes sour.  Remove the tablet and save it.  Swallow four times and re-test your saliva.  Record the results and then chew up the tablet!  These test results directly reflect your ability to handle stress in your day-to-day activity.

Before __________   After _____________