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What is ear candling?


Ear candling is a soothing, non-invasive Eastern medicine philosophy that promotes whole-body wellness.


What are the benefits?


Ear candling has helped to alleviate many symptoms, including:


• Stress, anxiety and feelings of panic
• Sinus, head and ear congestion
• Allergies, snoring, jet lag
• Migraines, pressure and worry headaches
• Balance and vertigo
• Swimmer’s ear


Who should consider ear candling?


You may benefit from ear candling if you participate in any of the following activities:


• Swimming
• Diving
• Frequent cell phone use
• Automobile, boat or motorcycle racing
• Downhill skiing
• Air travel
• Dirty or noisy work environment
• Frequent loud music or frequent head or ear phone use

Maintaining your health is our priority.  When it comes to ear candling, we use only the best products available.  Our ear cone candles are:

• 100% hand-made
• 100% pure Organic essential oils
• 100% unbleached cotton
• 100% pure Ontario beeswax
• 100% tight spiraling “edge”


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