Monthly Newsletter for April 2011
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined." ~~Henry David Thoreau spacer

This month's edition discusses:

  • Discover the Creativity Within
  • Step 4 of the 12 Step Program to Recover Your Creative Self
  • Creative in the Kitchen
  • Suggestions to Help You Recover Your Inner Creativity
  • Upcoming Events

Welcome to April


Discover the Creativity Within

This month we look at recovering our integrity.  How do we recover our integrity?  With our dreams.  And not just our wishes, or the dreams we have at night while we're sleeping.  We recover our integrity by realizing our life-long dreams and passions.  When you stop dreaming and being aware of your dreams, you are closing the door to your true self and your integrity.  The day you stop dreaming your life loses meaning.

Imagine Martin Luther King Jr. dreaming of someday living in a world where we are all treated equally.  Imagine if the Wright brothers had never believed they could fly.  We all need to act to make our dreams come true.


The 12 Step Program to Recovering Your Creative Self

This month we want to recover our integrity.  We want to bring our true selves to the forefront and live the life we always dreamed of.

Step 4:  Recovering a Sense of Integrity

To recover your integrity, it's important to excavate your past for shards of buried dreams.  This will undoubtedly require a little digging, but if you are honest with yourself, you might be pleasantly surprised with what you come up with!

It's time to bring out the Dream Builder Toolkit. 

Exercise 1:

Ask yourself the following questions and write down the first answer that comes to mind.  Be fast.  Do not labour over your answers.
     1. List five hobbies that sound fun.
     2. List five classes that sound fun.
     3. List five things you personally would never do that sound fun.
     4. List five skills that would be fun to have.
     5. List five things you used to enjoy doing.
     6. List five silly things you would like to try once.

Locked inside you is a child-like part that knows that all things are possible, that loves to dream, that revels in big thinking, and is unconcerned with how to make the dream come true.  As you let the child-like side of yourself begin to dream and get emotionally involved with ideas that enliven you, you enter a new realm of possibilities - with solutions that were previously unavailable to you. As Napoleon Hill once said, "What the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve."

Exercise 2:

Create a personal dream building space in your home where you can envision your dreams.  Fill that space with magazine cut-outs, articles, pictures - anything that visually depicts the dreams you noted in Exercise 1.  Eventually you will have created a personal dream building space that highlights your dreams in life.  Visit your personal dream building space everyday. 

Be keenly aware of opportunities and resources that present themselves to you.  When these new opportunities cross your path, and you see an open door that will allow you to live your dream and thereby recover your integrity, say "Yes!"

To begin Step 4, use your Dream Builder Toolkit to uncover your dreams and recover your integrity.


Step 4  To begin recovering my integrity, I will:




Suggestions to Help You Recover Your Inner Creativity

Recovering your creativity and integrity can be difficult, but hopefully the Dream Builder Toolkit will help you begin the process.  Here are some other suggestions for recovering your integrity:

     • Look through your closet and throw out that low self-esteem outfit.
     • Extend your artist's date to a full day, evening or weekend of creativity
     • Go out on a creative excursion to hunt down the things you need to create your personal dream building
       space.  Maybe it's fabric, pictures, an old toy from your childhood, magazines, etc.  Arrange these items in
       your personal dream-building space and look at them every day.
     • Continue writing in your morning pages.  Use your morning pages to excavate your buried dreams, so you
       can recover your integrity and live your true life.

By this time your morning pages might highlight some differences between our real feelings, which are often secret, and our official feelings, which we put on public display.  Official feelings are usually recognized by phrases such as "I feel okay about that [job loss, my father's death...]."

The most important way to recover your integrity is to understand and acknowledge that it's time to stop feeling okay, when in fact it is something else.  The morning pages press us to answer "what else".


Creative Activities for April

It's spring!  Venture outside for some much-needed fresh air, even the air is still chilly!

     • Take a walk through the woods to clip some pussy willows
     • Check your garden for those long-awaited spring flowers, like crocus, tulips and hyacinths
     • Create a lovely spring wreath to hang on your front door
     • Take your bicycle to the shop for a tune-up and go for a ride!


A Little Inspiration

Dream your possible and impossible dreams do what you can to make them a reality - and recover your integrity.


Upcoming Events

April 2011:  Susan's Transformational Workshop

This workshop is designed to help you live a truly healthy lifestyle - mentally and physically.  Expert Susan Holm will guide you through the challenges and stresses of everyday life, and will provide realistic tools for taking charge and making a change.

The 12 Steps to Stress Less workshop is only $250.00 + HST! It runs for one day only and includes a nutritious lunch, two healthy snacks and all course materials and resources.  No other workshop gives as much value for the cost!  The details of the workshop are as follows:

Dates:  Friday, April 29th, 2011
Time:   8:30am to 4pm

Seats are filling up fast so register today!  Contact Susan Holm at 519.886.3000..


Until Next Time...

Stay tuned for the May instalment of my newsletter, where we'll explore more great tips and tricks for achieving true wellness, including Step 5 for recovering your inner creativity.

Until then, I remain yours in good health,

Susan Holm

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