Monthly Newsletter for August 2010
"Summer's lease hath all too short a date."~~William Shakespeare spacer

This month's edition discusses:

  • Discover the Warmth Within
  • Step 8 of the 12 Step Program to Stress less
  • Monthly Recipe
  • Suggestions to Help Reduce Stress
  • August Activities
  • Upcoming Events

Welcome to August!


Discover the Warmth Within

You long to call forth your gifts.  To explore your talents.  To discover and recover your creativity.  But where do you begin?  You begin by offering an open heart and a willingness to serve.


The 12 Step Program to Stress Less

Now that you have evaluated how you think, continue to nurture yourself to wellness with Step 8 of my 12 Step Program.


Suppressed emotions are a major cause of disease.  Most of us suppress our feelings to avoid offending others or because we are afraid of the consequences if we express them.  But suppressed fear or anxiety lead to symptoms like high blood pressure, while suppressed despair may cause low blood pressure.  Emotions must be expressed, not suppressed.

To begin Step 8, practice monitoring your feelings hourly; stop for an emotional check.  Learn to monitor and change your response to experiences you can't control.  Release the harmful effects of suppressed feelings by crying, laughing, or going for a walk to use up the adrenaline from suppressed feelings.  Your health depends on expressing your emotions!


Step 8:  To begin acknowledging my emotions, I will:




Suggestions to Help You Reduce Stress

Our brain is wired so that fear can protect us from life-threatening situations and help us to react quickly.  But in life, we must face our fears in order to heal them.  Music can soothe, heal and relax us.  Visualization and meditation can help reprogram the system.  Physical activity produces natural anti-depressants that can help us feel better.  Whatever method you choose, it is important to first off recognize what it is that is affecting your life and health, and take the necessary steps to change.

What is affecting your life and health?

Identify a situation, action, or person you feel needs to be forgiven - an experience from the past, which comes to your mind often. 

Recall your feelings, thoughts, and emotions on the subject.

Overcome negatives from the past

Having identified and thought about a person, action or situation, you are now ready to begin the steps of forgiveness.  It is important to note you don't have to agree with the actions of the other person or the event in order to forgive.  You are forgiving for your own sake, not someone else's.  Until you forgive the past, this other person or event is controlling your life.  This is true even if the other person is no longer alive.

These forgiveness steps are quite simple in concept, but keep in mind they must be carried out with feeling and emotion!

Forgive yourself

You must first forgive yourself for allowing the event to affect your health.

Forgive the other person

Forgive the other person for any harm he or she may have caused you.

Give the other personal permission to forgive you

Maybe you did something you weren't aware you did.  It is not recommended that the other person knows you are taking this step.  You are doing this for you!

And most importantly...Learn to see the good in the situation.  Learn the lesson and be thankful for the lesson.

August Activities

Discerning our personal gifts is essential if we are to experience harmony in our lives.  When we talk about being true to ourselves, being the person we are intended to be, we are talking about gifts.  We cannot be ourselves unless we are true to our gifts.

     • Treat yourself to a deluxe box of Crayola crayons with all the colours, or a wonderful set of coloured 
        pencils.  Spend the afternoon sketching in the park.
    • Create a poster that reads "If not now, then when?" and hang it where you'll see it every day.
    • Consider joining or starting a book club.
    • Seek out a second-hand bookshop in your neighbourhood.
    • Rediscover the books you loved as a child.  Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Black Beauty.
    • Take a creative writing course.
    • Take piano lessons.

If you don't do it, someone else will.  So when that great idea flashes across your mind, pay attention!  Lift up your heart, accept the assignment, and give thanks.  Novelist Gail Godwin tells us that "Some things...arrive in their own mysterious hour, on their own terms and not yours, to be sized or relinquished forever."  So just say Yes!.


A Little Inspiration

"Overcoming fear and worry can be accomplished by living a day at a time or even a moment at a time.  Your worries will be cut down to nothing."  ~~Dr. Robert Anthony


Upcoming Events

Date to be announced:  Nordic Pole Walking Clinic with Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck 

The most effective low-impact exercise suitable for everyone supports stress management, increases heart and cardiovascular training, and burns up to 46% more calories than exercise walking without poles or moderate jogging.

Register today for this free workshop!  Contact Susan Holm at 519.886.3000

Date to be announced:  Microbiologist visits the Natural Health Care Centre

By extracting a minute amount of capillary blood from the fingertip, our microbiologist can detect distortions of the red blood cells which reflect nutritional status, especially low levels of iron, protein, vitamin B, folic acid and fatty acids.  This test can assist you by giving early warning of possible problems and helping you determine the effectiveness of various treatments, products and diet.

Register today for your appointment.  Contact Susan Holm at 519.886.3000.


Until Next Time...

Stay tuned for the September instalment of my newsletter, where we'll explore more great tips and tricks for achieving true wellness, including Step 9 of the Action Guide.

Until then, I remain yours in good health,

Susan Holm

Natural Health Care Centre
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