Monthly Newsletter for February 2010
"Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of the pieces." ~~Judith Viorst spacer

This month's edition discusses:

  • Discover the Warmth Within
  • Step 2 of the 12 Step Program to Stress less
  • Monthly Recipe
  • Suggestions to Help Reduce Stress
  • Winter Wonderland Activities
  • Upcoming Events

Welcome to February!


Discover the Warmth Within

Chocolate affects us because of its chemical nature.  It is even good for us because it contains antioxidants.  It makes us feel good, and it also tastes good and is a treat to enjoy.  Some people say eating chocolate simulates the feeling of being in love.

What we need to do is find a life that provides us with the chemistry of chocolate within our bodies.  When we do, addictions and excessive needs will cease.  Instead of substituting an artificial simulation for love, we need to find the real thing.


The 12 Step Program to Stress Less

Now that you understand how your body operates, continue to nurture yourself to wellness with Step 2 of my 12 Step Program. 

Step 2: EVALUATE What You EAT
There are two kinds of foods - acid and alkaline.  Your body was designed to function in an alkaline state, which requires alkaline foods - mostly fruits and vegetables.  Eating too many acid foods makes your body acid, causing acute physical stress.   Acid foods include:
                                              Bacon                                    Eggs
                                              Cereal                                   Toast
                                              Hamburger                            Pizza
                                              Chicken                                 Turkey
                                              Steak                                     Bread

To begin Step 2, gradually add fresh fruit to breakfast and raw vegetable salads and/or lightly steamed vegetables to lunch and dinner.  As you add fruits and vegetables, gradually reduce meats and grains.


Step 2:  To begin changing what I eat I will:



Suggestions to Help You Reduce Stress

Is there a woman alive who has not attempted to drown her romantic woes in a tub of chocolate?  Well, now you can save the frosting for the cake.  Celebrate February with a chocolate milk bath known as Divine Decadence.

Mix together well:  2 cups of powdered milk, 3 tablespoons of powdered cocoa, and one-quarter cup of cornstarch.  Pour one-quarter cup of the mixture underneath the tap while the bathwater is running.  (Be sure to store the remaining milk bath in an airtight glass container.)

This bath is heaven-sent:  the frothy fragrance goes to your head and not your hips.  One caveat: as you would after an illicit rendezvous, you'll have to cover your tracks.  This indulgence does leave a telltale bath-tub ring.


Winter Wonderland Activities

Embrace some quiet time to reflect on your health, your happiness and your dreams.  Don your warmest pyjamas and a big blanket, and take some time for you!
          • Curl up on the couch with your favourite book
          • Make a cup of tea and flip through old photo albums
          • Snuggle up under the covers and watch a great movie
          • Put on some music and tackle a scrapbook project
          • Enjoy some chocolate!


A Little Inspiration

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."
~~ Oprah Winfrey


Upcoming Events

Friday, February 5th, 2010:  Inspiring You with Healthy Chocolate

More and more studies show that healthy chocolate is not only tasty, but good for you!

This workshop will uncover the myths surrounding chocolate, highlight why healthy chocolate can reduce the risk of certain diseases, and how the right chocolate can boost your overall health and well-being.

Friday, February 19, 2010:  Microbiologist visits the Natural Health Care Centre

By extracting a minute amount of capillary blood from the fingertip, our microbiologist can detect distortions of the red blood cells which reflect nutritional status, especially low levels of iron, protein, vitamin B, folic acid and fatty acids.  This test can assist you by giving early warning of possible problems and helping you determine the effectiveness of various treatments, products and diet.

Register today for these workshops.  Contact Susan Holm at 519.886.3000.


Until Next Time...

Stay tuned for the March instalment of my newsletter, where we'll explore more great tips and tricks for achieving true wellness, including Step 3 of the Action Guide.

Until then, I remain yours in good health,

Susan Holm

Natural Health Care Centre
52 Bridgeport Road E. Waterloo, ON  N2J 2J6