Monthly Newsletter for July 2010
"When the day ends and the sun sets, I let my troubles go." ~~Albert Schweitzer spacer

This month's edition discusses:

  • Discover the Warmth Within
  • Step 7 of the 12 Step Program to Stress less
  • Monthly Recipe
  • Suggestions to Help Reduce Stress
  • July Activities
  • Upcoming Events

Welcome to July!


Discover the Warmth Within

Sultry, steaming, sweltering July.  Slow down.  The pursuit of happiness becomes our personal priority this month.  It's time to shed ambition and expectation, along with commutes, clothing, cell phones and calendars.  A shady nook, a cold drink, a cool breeze - whether indoors or out it's time off for good behaviour.  Summer is not so much a season as a melody, that tune of contentment we hum as the days begin to beautifully blur.  Now our wants seem to diminish.  Is it because our needs are met?


The 12 Step Program to Stress Less

Now that you have evaluated how you breathe, continue to nurture yourself to wellness with Step 7 of my 12 Step Program.


What you think about affects your body. Think about a lemon and your mouth fills with saliva. If you are angry or fearful, your body is as uptight as if you were fighting a tiger. If you worry, your nervous system triggers more acid in your stomach even if you have nothing in your stomach -producing indigestion and ulcers. And most of these physically harmful feelings come from replaying the past 20 minutes or 20 years ago. 
To begin Step 7, start controlling today's feelings by setting positive future goals, such as a dream vacation. Live today to the fullest, focusing on what you are doing today that will help you experience that goal with all its positive feelings.


Step 7:  To begin changing what I think about, I will:



Suggestions to Help You Reduce Stress

Basking in Bliss

Self-nurturance, or learning to bask in bliss, is an acquired art form.  It requires commitment, just as in a relationship with another person, patience, and a few tricks.  Here are some ideas to help you reduce stress and really enjoy a moment or two of bliss.  

     • Learn to rehabilitate your cooking for a crowd to creating sensuous single portions.
     • Instead of downing your thin, half-cold cup of dreaded instant coffee, invest in a good, small coffeemaker
       so you can sit down to really enjoy sipping and savouring a cup of freshly ground coffee.
     • Try new and different coffee blends.
     • If you blindly reach for the same thing each day, wake up your imagination too!  Even if you prefer just
       toast, top it with a new nut butter.  Or what about a completely different type of bread?

Instead of taking the usual grab-bag of fashion magazines to the cottage this July, why not indulge yourself with a really good read?

"Gift from the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh is an exquisite midlife memoir serving as a spiritual compass for millions of women since 1955.  Come out from under your umbrella, and sit in your lawnchair at the water's edge.  Let the waves wash over your feet and dive into a wonderful book perfect for long hazy summer days at the cottage.

Once you've enjoyed a good chunk of time reading, head back to the screened in porch and shuck corn, sip a margarita, and breathe in the aroma of steaks grilling on the BBQ.  Feel blessed to experience such bliss.
The moment you wake up in the morning is the most wonderful moment of the next 24 hours.  You possess the certainty that absolutely anything can happen.  The possibility is always there.


July Activities

We know what bliss is, even if we can't define it.  We often think happiness and bliss are the same because both induce smiles and laughter.  But the smiley face that comes when we're happy is often contingent on external circumstances.  Something happens outside the normal course of our dreary, repetitive daily grind, and suddenly, life's not so bleak.  Bliss however, is a visceral sensation of unspeakable joy, moments of bliss often occur when we least expect it.
     • Lay the blanket, open the hamper, pop the cork and loaf on the grass with the poet of your choice.
     • Keep your heart open and your beach bag empty.
     • Take a walk along the beach at sunset.
     • Stand at the water's edge at moonlight and breathe in the beauty of the stars.
     • Host a backyard tea party.

Remember there's never too much of a good thing, so this month, follow your bliss.


A Little Inspiration

When you put your troubles away with the sunset, you make room for
blessings to fill the next day.


Upcoming Events

Date to be announced:  Nordic Pole Walking Clinic with Dr. Klaus Shcwanbeck 

The most effective low-impact exercise suitable for everyone supports stress management, increases heart and cardiovascular training, and burns up to 46% more calories than exercise walking without poles or moderate jogging.

Register today for this free workshop!  Contact Susan Holm at 519.886.3000

Date to be announced:  Microbiologist visits the Natural Health Care Centre

By extracting a minute amount of capillary blood from the fingertip, our microbiologist can detect distortions of the red blood cells which reflect nutritional status, especially low levels of iron, protein, vitamin B, folic acid and fatty acids.  This test can assist you by giving early warning of possible problems and helping you determine the effectiveness of various treatments, products and diet.

Register today for your appointment.  Contact Susan Holm at 519.886.3000.


Until Next Time...

Stay tuned for the August instalment of my newsletter, where we'll explore more great tips and tricks for achieving true wellness, including Step 8 of the Action Guide.

Until then, I remain yours in good health,

Susan Holm

Natural Health Care Centre
52 Bridgeport Road E. Waterloo, ON  N2J 2J6