Monthly Newsletter for March 2010
"It is the first mild day of March.  Each minute sweeter than before...There is a blessing in the air...." ~~William Wordsworth spacer

This month's edition discusses:

  • Discover the Warmth Within
  • Step 3 of the 12 Step Program to Stress less
  • Monthly Recipe
  • Suggestions to Help Reduce Stress
  • Winter Wonderland Activities
  • Upcoming Events

Welcome to March!


Discover the Warmth Within

Hope chests were traditional gifts from mothers to daughters in the days when young women brought household dowries with them when they married.  These days, hope chests differ from the traditional version.  A busy mom trying to juggle work and family often finds herself setting aside important items or projects in the "hope chest", like favourite books or fabric for sewing projects, until the day arrives when she actually has time for them.

Not every one of our desires can be immediately gratified.  We've got to learn to wait patiently for our dreams to come true, especially on the path we've chosen.  But while we wait, we need to prepare symbolically a place for our hopes and dreams.  Faith is the very first thing you should pack in a hope chest.

Hope restores us.  What each of us hopes for will differ and change with time.  I believe we need hope to go on living.  Hope inspires us to reach for the future.  It gives us something to look forward to and strive for on our path.  Hope is the divine motivator.


The 12 Step Program to Stress Less

Now that you have evaluated how you eat, continue to nurture yourself to wellness with Step 3 of my 12 Step Program.

Your body is mostly water and needs water as its primary liquid.  Since your body was designed to regulate itself internally, drinking external stimulants, such as the liquids listed below, puts added stress on your body and interferes with the regulation of blood sugar.
                                           Alcoholic beverages
                                           Soft drinks

To begin Step 3, gradually increase your water intake while reducing your intake of stimulating liquids.


Step 3:  To begin changing what I drink I will:



Suggestions to Help You Reduce Stress

Because breathing is the first thing we begin to do after birth, we assume it's natural and doesn't require practice or discipline.  When we are anxious, agitated, excited, and nervous or tense, we habitually hold our breath, which is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing. 

There are two reasons we breathe - inhaling and exhaling.  The first reason, inhaling, is to supply our bodies and brains with oxygen; the second reason, exhaling, is to rid our bodies of poisonous gases; both are crucial to our survival. 
How are you breathing?

Our day-to-day stress forces us to raise our shoulders and take rapid shallow breaths.  Although this seems normal, it causes our bodies to function in survival mode.  Your body cannot reach optimum health like this.  To change the pattern from SURVIVAL mode to HEALTH mode, we must reprogram the brain by changing the breathing pattern.

Here's how you do it:

• Slowly breathe in through your nose.  Breathe from the abdomen and not the shoulders, and count to four.
• Hold that breath in for the same count.
• Slowly exhale for the same count.
• Then hold your breath out for the same count.  Repeat.

Note:  If this exercise is difficult for you, lower the counts to one, two or three.


Winter Wonderland Activities

March is a great time to heed that old adage "out with the old, in with the new."   As winter winds down and we look forward to spring with renewed hope and optimism, take some time to discard all that has encumbered you during the long winter months. 

     • Lighten up!  Luxuriate in the fullness of waiting!
     • Weed your closet.
     • Play around with alternative remedies.
     • Cultivate sacred space.
     • Bask in the joy of a bunch of daffodils or tulips.
     • Take a deep breath.
     • Stand still, so you can spring forward to a fresh start.


A Little Inspiration

"Hope" is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops - at all -
--Emily Dickinson


Upcoming Events

Friday, March 12, 2010:  Microbiologist visits the Natural Health Care Centre

By extracting a minute amount of capillary blood from the fingertip, our microbiologist can detect distortions of the red blood cells which reflect nutritional status, especially low levels of iron, protein, vitamin B, folic acid and fatty acids.  This test can assist you by giving early warning of possible problems and helping you determine the effectiveness of various treatments, products and diet.

Register today for your appointment.  Contact Susan Holm at 519.886.3000.

Friday, March 19, 2010:  Max WLX Weight Loss Accelerator - Your Guide to the New You!

Over-consumption of food results in excessive leptin signals.  If leptin signals are not heard, weight gain can be uncontrollable.  By restoring your sensitivity to leptin, your body can revitalize its ability to consume less food, and burn more fat.

Max WLX is a stimulant-free weight loss accelerator proven to help your body utilize the powerful, leptin mechanism for weight loss you can achieve and maintain!

Register today for this free workshop!  Contact Susan Holm at 519.886.3000.


Until Next Time...

Stay tuned for the April instalment of my newsletter, where we'll explore more great tips and tricks for achieving true wellness, including Step 4 of the Action Guide.

Until then, I remain yours in good health,

Susan Holm

Natural Health Care Centre
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