Monthly Newsletter for May 2011
"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly." ~~Richard Bach spacer

This month's edition discusses:

  • Discover the Creativity Within
  • Step 5 of the 12 Step Program to Recovering Your Creative Self
  • Creative in the Kitchen 
  • Suggestions to Help Recover Your Inner Creativity
  • Creative Activities 
  • Upcoming Events

Welcome to May!


Discover the Creativity Within

This month we look at recovering our possibilities.  How do we recover our possibilities?  By reacquainting ourselves with the transformative power and knocking down the barriers that prevent us from reaching our full potential.  Think of the caterpillar - it faces a tremendous struggle to emerge from the cocoon, but it must make this effort to survive.  Just like the caterpillar, if we avoid the struggles, we may be doing ourselves more harm than good.  We need the struggle and the growth to push ourselves forward to where we need to be.


12 Steps to Recovering your Creative Self

This month we want you to explore how you hold back on your own possibilities by placing limits on yourself.  Think about making radical changes, no longer ruling out growth by making others the cause of your constriction. 

Step 5:  Recovering a Sense of Possibility

In order to open yourself up to all the possibilities available to you, you must recognize that you are deserving of achieving these possibilities, and allow yourself to receive them.  As we move through each month this year, we become more safe and confident in our own skin, and if you listen to your inner child, you will recognize that the possibilities are endless - you just have to knock down the barriers to your success.

Exercise 1:

Ask yourself:  what would I try if it weren't too crazy?

1. Scuba diving
2. Belly dancing
3. Getting my poems published
4. Bicycling through France

Now ask yourself:  what baby steps can I take to actually achieve these possibilities?

1. Sign up for Scuba lessons
2. Sign up for Belly dancing classes
3. Submit a poem to be published in a magazine
4. Buy a travel book about France

Exercise 2:

Part of the reason why we don't allow ourselves to accept that we are worthy of achieving such great possibilities, is because it would appear selfish, or self-serving, or perhaps there is a sense of guilt associated with doing something for yourself.  In order to be good for other people - your husband, your children, your colleagues - it is crucial that you set aside time to be good to yourself. 

Take this quiz to discover the barriers that exist in your life:

1. The biggest lack in my life is ______________________________________________.
2. The greatest joy in my life is ______________________________________________.
3. My largest time commitment is ____________________________________________.
4. I feel guilty that I am _____________________________________________________.
5. I worry that _____________________________________________________________.
6. If my dreams come true my family will ______________________________________.
7. If I let myself feel it, I'm angry that I ________________________________________.
8. I sabotage myself so people will_____________________________________________.
9. If I let myself feel it, I'm angry that I ________________________________________.
10. One reason I get sad sometimes is _________________________________________.

Read over your answers and think about your life...does your life serve you or only others? 

To begin Step 5, uncover the barriers in your life and think about the baby steps you can take to begin to achieve your possibilities


Step 5:  To begin recovering my possibilities, I will:




Suggestions to Help You Recover Your Inner Creativity

Recovering your creativity and possibilities can be difficult, but hopefully when you uncover what your barriers are, you will begin to see how you can achieve those possibilities.  One of the best ways we can avoid building barriers is to use the technique of speed writing.  You can do this in your morning pages, or right here.  As quickly as you can, finish the following phrases:
1. I wish...
2. I wish...
3. I wish...
4. I wish...
5. I wish...
6. I most especially wish...
Wishes are just wishes and are allowed to be frivolous.  But as you continue to break down the walls that stop you from reaching your possibilities, you'll begin to notice that your wishes are not frivolous at all, but very serious indeed.


Creative Activities for May

Expand your horizons, break down walls and recover your possibilities!

     • Start an image file to showcase your top five desires.  When you spot an image somewhere, collect it - clip
       it, buy it, photograph it.  Keep adding to the image file as a means to an end.
    • Ask yourself:  10 ways I limit my possibilities are...just as making the positive visual helps it to become a
      reality, visualizing the negative helps to get rid of it.
    • Ask yourself:  What are the pay-offs for keeping up the barriers?  What am I accomplishing in life if I continue
      to put up walls and never allowing anything good to happen?
   • Visit the Butterfly Museum in Cambridge or Niagara Falls.  Spend some quiet time with a beautiful creature 
      and compare the struggles of the caterpillar to those in your life.


A Little Inspiration

What strengths lie in the caterpillar of your existence?  What butterfly is waiting to be born?


Upcoming Events

May  2011:  LAST CALL for Susan's Transformational Workshop!

This workshop is designed to help you live a truly healthy lifestyle - mentally and physically.  Expert Susan Holm will guide you through the challenges and stresses of everyday life, and will provide realistic tools for taking charge and making a change.

The 12 Steps to Stress Less workshop is only $250.00! It runs for one day only and includes a nutritious lunch, two healthy snacks and all course materials and resources.  No other workshop gives as much value for the cost! 
The details of the workshop are as follows:

Dates:  Friday, May 27th, 2011
Time:  8:30am to 4pm

Seats are filling up fast so register today!  Contact Susan Holm at 519.886.3000.


Until Next Time...

Stay tuned for the June instalment of my newsletter, where we'll explore more great tips and tricks for creative recovery, including Step 6 for recovering your inner creativity.

Until then, I remain yours in good health,

Susan Holm

Natural Health Care Centre
52 Bridgeport Road E. Waterloo, ON  N2J 2J6

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