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Who We Help


Natural therapies and treatments benefit people from all ages and walks of life.  From children to the elderly, we are happy to treat anyone who is interested in working towards and maintaining optimum health. 


You are an ideal candidate for natural therapy if:


• You suffer from mild to chronic pain
• You are weighed down by fatigue, stress and anxiety
• You want to rid your mind and body from the residual effects of trauma
• You want to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and balanced
• You want your body to learn how to heal itself


Our treatments are gentle and soothing, non-invasive and non-medicinal.  We work within a patient’s pain threshold and at the pace with which they can handle the treatment.  Our goal is to ensure your body and mind are balanced, aligned and in harmony.  When you feel and think better, you are better equipped to handle life’s daily challenges head-on, without fear of stress, anxiety and pain.


Natural therapies will make a difference in your life.  Call the Natural Health Care Centre today to book your life-changing appointment!